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2oz Mini Bottles White Lemon Balsamic Sicilian Herb Balsamic
2oz Mini Bottles
Our Price: $6.00
White Lemon Balsamic
Our Price: $20.00
Sicilian Herb Balsamic
Our Price: $20.00
2 oz/ 60 ML bottle All mini bottles come in every infused olive oil and Balsamic(see exceptions)! You choose how many and which flavor and we ship! Mini's make great gifts, easy to travel and lunch size samples! Exceptions: White Honey Ginger Olive Oil, White Truffle Olive Oil, White Pineapple Balsamic, Expresso Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic Cilantro Olive Oil, Citrus Habanero Olive Oil, Northwest Porcini Olive Oil, Longevity Olive Oil. Light up any salad with this zesty white lemon balsamic vinegar.  Perfectly balanced with flavor for days and days.  Pair it with our fresh basil extra virgin olive oil to make your new favorite salad dressing.  Cocktails anyone??  Add this balsamic to gin or vodka to surprise your guests! Our newest balsamic reduction, all naturally infused with garlic and rosemary. Savoury and tangy blended together to make this creation. Drizzle on some steak, dip with fresh bread or surprise your party with caprese favours with our Sicilian Herb Balsamic.
Tomato Basil Balsamic 18 yr Traditional Balsamic Father's Day Savory Gift Basket Sampler
Tomato Basil Balsamic
Our Price: $20.00
A Fresh Blend of local tomatoes and local blend of basil tossed together to create our signature Tomato Basil Balsamic. Rich flavour, thickness of imported Modena aged balsamic, blended together to pair with crisp crackers, drizzle on bruschetta, caprese, salad or marinate on steak. This balsamic vinegar from Modena is so smooth you could sip it after dinner. Use it as a drizzle on aged cheeses, cured meats and fresh fruit or as a dessert sauce for vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Makes a great marinade or a fabulous finish on your salmon. Our Savory Sample gift basket is every mans' favorite! Consist of: 2 oz minis
Vegan Savory Gift Basket Sampler
Cook up some fun BBQ with 11 Olives Savory Mini Sampler and 11 Olives Smoked Garlic Sea Salt on the grill. Then end the day with some warm hot molten chocolate cake from Hot Cakes local in Seattle.